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Snapshot Enhancements

There are a few barriers at the moment which makes it difficult to view and print snapshots effectively:

  • The relational arrows are difficult to follow in the Actions column, especially when exported to pdf.  It would be great if the actions/goals could be spilt into distinct columns based on actions template.
  • The data is condensed tightly on the screen and when exported to pdf in order to fit 8.5 x 11 paper size, particularly for snapshot with more than 5 columns.
  • The column headers don’t repeat on pages when printing to pdf.
  • There is no ability to change column heading titles.
  • Rob Zolaturiuk
  • Dec 5 2019
  • Under consideration
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  • Mohamed IAU commented
    December 07, 2019 19:41

    spot-on, a snapshot could be fruitful future seeds for a professionally written report