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Be able to hide or opt out of reports shared with you in Snapshots

Once reports are shared with you, you can't get rid of them and the screen can get pretty cluttered. Not all reports shared with you necessarily should be, so it would be nice to be able to hide or explicitly "delete" shared reports off of your personal view.

  • Brandon Bett
  • Dec 12 2019
  • Under consideration
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  • Sean O'Donald commented
    15 May 06:42

    Snapshots get shared to the entire organisation and individual users receive them on their dashboard but there is no facility to dismiss them. Most users have a great many snapshots in their list but there’s no way to clear them other than to ask the original author and then they’re reluctant to clear them unless others are using them.

    Can there be a way to unsubscribe from a dashboard?

    Or folder structure where users can browse a list or reports and pin what they want to their snapshot page.