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Change the Goal Hub view Cascade tree to include the parent goals.

Change the Goal Hub view Cascade tree to include the parent goals.

The new goal hub lacks the visual representation of the previous ‘Big Picture’ however the performance improvement makes this change beneficial, nevertheless the ability to explain the relationships to new users has diminished.  The Cascade Tree could be the answer because it can also depict the full tree view, to children of children if you will. 

Also, would further allow better granularity to explain the relationships in a very simple to understand process.

Even better, would be the ability to click on a node to open that goal hub from within the Cascade Tree.

  • Sean O'Donald
  • Feb 6 2020
  • Not planned
  • Feb 6, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Sean, thanks for the idea! I think what is more likely to occur is that the alignment tab will be upgraded to be more visual (potentially tree like) and is the place where you interact with parent and children goals (currently you can use this to get to parent and children goals). I will mark this as not planned as we currently do not have upgrading Cascade Tree's on our road map as we want to make these visual engagements in other areas of the system!

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  • Sean O'Donald commented
    07 Feb 07:43

    Thanks for that, im glad there are plans to make graphical representations because its gone a bit too text heavy, a picture paints a thousand words as they say...