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Allow modal pop-ups to respond to browser zoom so that things like the "Save" button don't get accidentally hidden

  • Brandon Bett
  • Feb 13 2020
  • Under consideration
  • Feb 13, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Matt, thanks for your idea! As you are aware, this is to do with the responsiveness, resolution and user screen size. It is something that we plan to fix in the future, and we will probably need to re-design the modal slightly for it to work. I will mark your idea as under consideration to allow others to vote for it too.

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  • Brandon Bett commented
    26 Jun 17:20

    Revisiting this one, since I've seen it come up fairly frequently in chat/etc...seems like it wouldn't be a small fix, but it seems to be a common situation

  • Matt Wood commented
    13 Feb 20:42

    This would help, especially since some users' laptop screen sizes cause boxes and buttons (especially the save button) to be hidden, even if they are at the default, 100%, zoom.