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Improve reporting & Filtering for Tasks

Using tasks in Cascade becomes useless because you cant report on them INSIDE cascade (cant filter tasks in any way in snapshots, the task widget is pretty useless in that regard too). I followed your strategy model (it was recommended to use tasks) but now I have to replicate all my work and create tasks as templates. Not good!

Better filtering on tasks:

  • By custom attribute

  • By Status

  • By Completed/incompleted tasks within a certain date range

  • Filter (not sort or group) by due date

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  • Apr 8 2020
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    Product Team commented
    09 Apr 06:10

    Hi Debbie, the CSV export not including dates is a bug that I have now added to our development team's list to fix. I will keep this idea but change the wording to be focused around making Tasks more powerful in terms of reporting within the system as it sounds like there are other aspects you would like to be improved regarding Tasks. Thanks for letting us know!