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Add a "group by template" option in snapshots

A lot of people base how users are going to interact with items in Cascade on templates. For example, for KPIs, you drag the dragger and add weekly update for projects you tick off tasks and give a monthly update etc. That said, it would be a much better experience if we'd be able to group all templates together so that users know - under the KPI section, use the dragger, under the project section, tick off your tasks.

Executives also report this way as well - all high level objectives at the top, then all the KPIs, then all the projects.

  • Elaine Logashov
  • Jul 31 2020
  • Under consideration
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  • Sean O'Donald commented
    14 Aug 04:43

    This exact request came up twice today, can we have a group by template type option in snapshots please?